Turbot with samphire

Turbot is a quite expensive fish, especially the bigger wild ones, that we only cook on special occasions. I like to cook turbot with samphire and algae to enhance the taste and feeling of the sea in the dish.

Turbot with samphire

Turbot with samphire
Turbot with samphire

Ingredients: 300 g samphire, 1 turbot (about 2 kg, sliced), 60 g butter, 1 tsp. of oil, 1 dl white wine, 2 tsp. dried kelp, 2 dl liquid cream, salt and pepper

Blanch the cleaned samphire for 1 minute in a large saucepan of boiling water and drain it.

Pan fry the slices of fish in a mixture of butter and oil.

Meanwhile, bring the wine with the kelp to a boil.

Add the cream and reduce to the desired consistency. Pass the sauce trough a fine sieve  and whisk in a small amount of butter. Season with salt and pepper and heat the samphire in the sauce.

Put the fish on heated plates and serve with the samphire sauce.

This turbot dish is a real feast accompanied by steamed potatoes.

Samphire, like sea lavender, is a plant that grows on land regularly covered by sea water. Blanch the samphire quickly in boiling and unsalted water.

The dried kelp I used here is a mixture of different kinds of marine algae. It is easily found in natural health stores.

Enjoy your meal !

English is not my native language. Feel free to ask for information about this recipe. I will answer any question. I also would very happy with any corrections you may suggest.

Thanks in advance!


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