Chicken soup with kneidlers

Kosher cooking, especially in Eastern Europe, has never been my cup of tea. With some exceptions. And especially the culinary exceptions of my grandmother, who was not Polish, but Dutch, it's all to say from the point of view of culinary culture. And among these exceptions there is of course the famous chicken soup, a terrine of veal feet with boiled eggs, a crushed chicken liver with onions, a kind of cake with vermicelli, apples and raisins, and especially a famous cheesecake. But I'll start with the famous chicken soup, better known as Jewish chicken soup or even…

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Beef cheeks with carrots

Perhaps not yet quite seasonal, this dish of beef cheeks with carrots and red wine is a dish that will please you several times. Firstirst by the perfumes released during its slow cooking Then by the tasting of the  very tender and gelatinous meat .. Not to mention the pleasure of the dish warmed the next day. Er if you have any sauce left, it will be perfect to flavor a dish of tagliatelle. We will therefore cook our dish of cheeks of beef in quantity. Moreover, nothing prevents its freezing. Beef cheeks with carrots Ingredients: 1.5…

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