Lamb stew with artichokes

Grilled, roasted or stewed, lamb is  a very  tasteful  spring ingredient. Accompanied by young artichokes and a fresh lemon flavored sauce, we propose you the following dish of a lamb stew with artichokes and lemon.

Lamb stew with artichokes and lemon.

Lamb stew with artichokes
Lamb stew with artichokes

Ingredients: 1 kg lamb stew (leg of lamb or shoulder) cut into cubes, 5 young purple artichokes, the juice of 2 lemons, 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 30 g butter, 2 egg yolks.

Sear the meat on all sides golden brown in some butter, remove the meat and fat  from the pan and glaze the shredded onion in some fresh butter. Add the meat and the shredded garlic. Season the meat with salt and pepper and just add enough water until the meat is covered.  Cook the meat for 1.30h. on low heat until soft.

Meanwhile, clean the artichokes: break the stems, cut off the hard tops of the leaves and remove the outer hard leaves. Cut the artichokes into quarters, remove the hay, if you find some, and cook the artichokes in water mixed with lemon juice and salt for about 10 minutes.
Add the quarters of artichokes to the meat and continue the cooking for 10 minutes. Remove the meat from the stew pan and keep it warm. Beat the sauce up with the egg yolks and season the sauce with lemon juice salt and pepper at taste .
Serve the lamb stew with the artichokes, sauce and boiled potatoes.

English is not my native language. Feel free to ask for information about this recipe. I will answer any question. I also would very happy with any corrections you may suggest.

Thanks in advance!

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