Baked custard of salsify, red pepper coulis


Today, we cook a vegetarian recipe of baked custard of salsify,  red pepper coulis. The flan (baked custard) is accompanied by smoked trout, which is optional!

I like the salsify, this  vegetable which is quite dirty to  peel and is so often badly cooked.

Most of the time it is overcooked, too bland and often bathed in an insipid béchamel. By this recipe I try to demonstrate the contrary and contrary to my habit I photographed this dish in a festive atmosphere. This salsify based dish asks for it!

Let’s start with the peeling of salsify

Peel the salsify with a peeling knife, cut the stems into pieces of about 4 cm and immerse them immediately in cold water to which you will have added a  fillet of white vinegar to prevent the quick oxidation of this vegetable. Check the salsify pieces and remove any remaining black parts. Rinse the salsify in a second bowl of water clean with vinegar.

And as a picture is better than a lot of words: do not forget the newspaper !, it will save you a messy cleaning of your work plan.

Baked custard of salsify, red pepper coulis

First the salsify chips: Peel and rinse the salsify stems with vinegar water. Cut into the thinnest slices possible using a mandolin or a peeling knife. Dry the salsify slices between two sheets of kitchen paper for at least 20 minutes. Fry the chips golden brown in frying oil à 180°, season with salt and. That’s it!

Continue with the red pepper coulis: We need 2 sweet red peppers, salt, Espelette pepper, lemon juice and a few drops of olive oil.

Cut the peppers in half, remove the seeds and the white parts of the vegetables, then cut them into cubes. Cook them in  lightly salted water, mix and season with lemon juice, chili and salt. Pass the pepper mash through a fine colander to remove some remaining hard pieces. Simply emulsify the coulis with a little oil with  a mixer just before serving.

Now the flan:

1 kg of salsify, the juice and zest of half a lemon, 2 dl liquid cream, 2 egg yolks, flour, butter, salt and pepper.

Clean and wash the salsify, as already explained. Cook the salsify stalks for 10 minutes in water with the juice of half a lemon and a spoonful of flour. Drain half of the salsify, then continue cooking the rest of the vegetables for about twenty minutes: they will then be very tender.

Mix well the cooked salsify with cream, egg yolks and 30 g of flour. Cut the salsify ‘al dente’ into small cubes and spoon them in the cream of salsify. Season with salt of pepper and lemon zest.

Put the salsify mix in individual soufflé buttered molds.

Cook the flans 25 minutes in a bain-marie in a preheated 180 ° oven

Let the flans stand for 3 minutes, untold them and serve with the chips and the paprika coulis.

I accompanied the salsify cakes with smoked trout fillets, but it’s not really essential.

English is not my native language. Feel free to ask for information about this recipe. I will answer any question. I also would very happy with any corrections you may suggest.

Thanks in advance!


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